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Suggestions To Improve Students Mental Health

photo by Belle Paccione
Taking care of your mental health is an act of self-love.

In 2021 according to the CDC, “ more than four in 10 students felt really sad, and almost one-third felt their mental health wasn’t great. These numbers wake us up. Mental health isn’t just about one person; it’s about all of us.”  Cypress High School isn’t just classrooms; it’s where everyone is figuring out mental health together. It’s about knowing we all go through tough times and being cool about it. So, as we walk these high school halls, let’s not just carry our books but also be kind to ourselves and others.

Teacher Perspective

Health teacher Ms. Hawkins is now back from winter break, juggling grown-up stuff and her own well-being. Coping with meditation and exercise is her secret. Saying we should seek mental health support is a big deal. Wanting more free time is something we all get – it’s about finding balance.

Chris Pohl, Freshman 

Pohl is a freshman figuring out high school waves. Hanging with friends is awesome, but mornings can be rough. Coping means putting on a brave face and trying to grow. Chris isn’t sure about asking for mental health help – kind of like lots of us. Changing how he talks shows he’s on a journey to understand himself and talk about mental health.

Elias Taylor, Junior

The junior is counting down to the weekend, a break from school stress. Trying to cut down screen time is smart – we all feel tech’s impact. Balancing personal stuff and helping others isn’t easy. Being unsure about asking for help is normal too.

Keye Osede, Senior 

Osede, a senior wrestler. knows wrestling isn’t just about moves for him; it’s like a canvas for all his feelings. Some days he’s winning, and some days he’s not, just like the emotions we all deal with. Wrestling is more than a sport; it’s Keye’s way of dealing with both tough matches and tough times. Dealing with friends and being the “mom” isn’t easy, but Keye sees mental health as the glue holding everything together. Wrestling is her anchor in the high school storm.

Cypress High School, we’ve got a lot going on – laughs, textbooks, and the real deal: our feelings. Thanks for peeking into how some students and a teacher handle it all.

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