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New Foreign Students Enrolled At Cypress

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This year all the foreign exchange students come from all over the world.

This year Cypress welcomes nine foreign exchange students. Each new student brings an extraordinary background. It sets up experiences that enrich our campus. The new arrivals have embarked on their journey of learning American culture.

Velten Eickhoff, a sophomore at the age of 16 came from Germany. He can fluently converse in German, English, and French. His education took a unique turn; he didn’t get to choose his school, but he got to choose his classes. In Germany, a schedule or “pattern”  shows approximately 15 subjects, each day with a different schedule. Velten embarked on a new chapter when coming to our school. It’s his first year at Cypress, but he returns home in December carrying a wealth of experiences and knowledge. He will be returning back after winter break and finishing the school year.    

(Si Uy) Timothy Eng, is an 18-year-old senior from Cambodia. He is fluent in Khmer, Mandarin, Teochew, and English. He got to choose Cypress High School and his classes. Making friends was a challenge. It took time to discover the right people for him. Nevertheless, he remains resilient in his pursuit of building meaningful connections. His favorite classes include AP English and Commercial Photo Editing. Timothy notes school life in the US is very different from back home. Here in the U.S. he previously went to a school in Oklahoma. He thinks our school is a social open atmosphere where you’re free to do whatever you want.   But at home, he attended a private school. They had a dress code that included white long sleeves, black pants, and a red tie. The teaching was way different and harder. After graduation at Cypress, he wants to stay in the US to continue life and college here.

(Ettore) Hector D’Agostini, a 19-year-old senior, came from Italy. He didn’t choose our school, but he got to choose his classes. He is fluent in Italian and English with a bit of Spanish. His American educational experience has been quite different from his native Italy, where subjects are approached in a distinctive manner and the emphasis leans more towards studying. Ettore’s outgoing personality makes him thrive in social settings. He has never been to another school in the US. He is skilled in culinary arts.  Ettore has knowledge of delicious Italian dishes, a talent that adds more flavor to his daily life and interactions. 

Lucrezia Conti is a 17-year-old junior coming from Italy. Her decision to study it didn’t offer her any academic credits, a priceless experience. The transition to a new place presented her with challenges, primarily adapting to the distinctives American educational system and new daily routines. She has many favorite classes like Advanced Dance, a testament to her passion for the subject, the camaraderie among her classmates and her admiration for the instructor.   

(Hengye) Lothia Qian is a 17-year-old senior from China. She had three options on her plate: Oxford, Kennedy, and Cypress and ultimately the charm of Cypress won her over. One of the aspects that piqued her interest was the “5C spirit” of the school that likely embodies qualities of cooperation, communication, and community values that resonate with her educational aspirations. Lothia faced challenges of speaking English fluently she hadn’t been learning for a long time. In China spoken English was practiced, making it a significant challenge. Making friends is a challenge as well as understanding what people are saying. However she found a comfort spot to support her. It’s a club at Cypress called the Anime Club, which played a crucial role in her transition. She expresses her gratitude, the club leader/president Tony Krueger who extended his help even in history class. She also appreciates the vice president Daniel Braganza for his support as well. She always has a bright smile and positive attitude creating a great welcoming. Plus she wants to continue after graduation and go to college at UCI. 

Lou Pierrevelcin is a 15-year-old 10th grader from France. Her unique charms and talent brought her to Cypress. Lou’s passion shines through her love for English class where her dedication and enthusiasm are evident. Her intelligence and talents make her a standout student; she certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. She has a natural beauty that radiates within. She can add a touch of elegance and grace the community. 

Giulio Ciavolino, a 16-year-old senior from Italy, is fluent in four different languages: Chinese, English, Italian, and Spanish. Among his classes Math holds a special place in her heart. English seems to be a subject that presents the greatest challenge and perhaps a bit of frustration. Giulio is steadily making his way through the first year here. He came across many challenges but still has great opportunities.

Matteo Mascaretti, a 16-year-old senior he fluently speaks Italian, English and German fluently. He got the opportunity to choose his classes but not what school he was placed in. Matteo is markedly different in the US in contrast to his home country Italy, The differences span various aspects from teaching styles to dress codes and the way classes run. Although the studying approach differs somewhat from in Italy. Matteo found people at Cypress very welcoming.

Tania Haring Leon, a senior at the age of 17, came from Spain. She can speak Spanish and English. She brings a unique perspective to the student body.Tania is very focused on excelling in exams as they carry more weight than day-to-day class work, especially in her first year here. Beyond academics,Tania has a heart for helping others. She finds joy in lending a hand and is a babysitter. Her compassion and willingness to assist others make her a valuable member to Cypress. She will not be returning home after finishing high school. She wanted to continue  her career in the U.S. 

Mrs. Stewart, loves hosting foreign exchange students in theater, witnessing their unique talents enrich the experience for Cypress students. Hector D’Agostini, in particular, shines with his acting prowess and his ability to inspire others. His performance of a multilingual monologue at Evening of the Arts was a highlight, showcasing his remarkable talents in seamlessly blending languages. Stewart wishes he could stay with us throughout the year. 

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