Link Crew Helps Newer Students Transition To High School


photo by Deborah Son

Link Crew is a new club at Cypress High School, mentoring younger generation of students before high school.

by Deborah Son, Features Editor

Link Crew is a new organization set up for incoming freshmen Cypress High School students. It was founded by Jonathan Lim, Jeffrey Shim, and Godwin Moy, for the 2023-2024 school year. Link Crew is where Juniors and Seniors link with a younger generation of students, to guide them through the process of being actively involved. During this process, students are guided out of their comfort zone, as they step into another chapter of their lives. In Link Crew, everyone is given a certain position to take. Vice President Jeffrey Shim said, “We are looking for people who have a passion for helping others grow as a person, rather than solely holding the leadership position.”

Other schools that take part in this organization are Western, Anaheim, Katella High School, and more. A plan that Link Crew has to offer in the next upcoming years is to take spring field trips to universities. Secretary Godwin Moy said, “We hope that this organization will last after we graduate for many future generations.” Some of the types of fundraisers include selling food, holding events in Pieology, Panda Express, and Seven Leaves.

President Jonathan Lim said, “The transition between middle school to high school is hard, and we want to encourage the students to have a strong connection with everyone.”

Flyers with information about Link Crew will be sent out later on. The first meeting will be in room 204 at lunch, on April 28, 2023. Lunch will be provided and make sure to stop by!