ASL brings Centurion Pride to the Angel’s Game


photo by Courtesy of Ms. Winterton

Centurions getting ready to sign at the Angel’s game

by Millie Damasceno, Staff Writer

On Tuesday April 11th, Ms. Winterton’s ASL class went on to sign the national anthem at an Angel’s game. During the national anthem it is seen as honorable if you stand at your tallest point and give attention to the symbol of American unity and freedom that our country represents. People who are hard of hearing deserve to have that same opportunity to show respect for our country, and Ms. Winterton’s class provided them with just that.

Ms. Winterton said, “It went good, the only problem was that it was not very accessible for the Deaf community because they had us really high up in the seats, we looked like ants signing, and they also didn’t keep the camera on us for more than five seconds.” She also added, “Overall it was good, it looked good, my kids did great, but for me, for the actual Deaf community that we were trying to serve, it wasn’t accessible.”

Although the overall event didn’t successfully help as it was initially planned to, Ms. Winterton’s class did a great act of help for the Deaf community, keeping up Centurion pride.