The Cypress Runners 2022-2023 Season


photo by Cypress Track Instagram Page.

The Cypress Runners rejoice after another great win!

by Juliana Dubois, Staff Writer

 Cypress runners have been pacing through success all season! In October of 2022 cross country officially qualified to go to CIF.  Most recently a selected few were chosen to compete at California’s Annual Orange Track/Field Championships. Alan Vuong won the high jump, with the height of 6’6” and future ASB President Aidan Houston placed 2nd in the 400 meter race. Along with the girls defeating Valencia High School with the score of 64-63 on April 11th.


Sophomore McCovey Jackson, who has been doing track at Cypress for two years, said,’’ Last season was a fun and exciting intro to the sport because I was not able to do it in middle school and I had never done it before. We also managed to win League freshman year, which was an exciting experience in itself.’’


‘’I feel like I’ve improved significantly from last year, just like how my mentality and my training has changed from last year,’’ said long distance runner  Sophomore Ryan Hwang who has also been in track at Cypress for two years.‘’My favorite part about running with the distance team is that it never gets boring running with the same people.’’ Senior Matthew Hwang has been in Track for four years. He recommends track because it is a sport that teaches you what hard work can accomplish,’’There’s no denying that running is painful, he said  but the end result is worth it and improves every aspect of your life.’’ 


Luke Grove current sophomore claims that ‘’last season was a great victory for Cypress Track and Field. Being the Empire League champions was not an easy goal to achieve. I credit the amazing performances by our athletes and mentoring from our coaches. As the season comes to an end,Centurion Track Participants will close out with outstanding scores, hardworking participants,and the sweet speed of victory. 

According to Coach Eyman, this Thursday April 27th there will be the League finals for the Cypress runners.