Cypress Choir Gives Audience Show Stopping Performance


Pink Thunder did an amazing set including Teen Beach Movie.

by Juliana Dubois, Staff Writer

On March 3rd The Cypress High School Choir presented The Show Choir Showcase featuring High Voltage, Pink Thunder, and The Sparks! Cypress Choir worked extremely hard over the course of four months to be able to put together an amazing performance. A classic mix of Today’s Hits, 50s Beach Vibes, 80s Glitz and Glam, and even Gru’s Minions, this showcase highlights each category in its own special way, with each act featuring dancing, musicals, acting, and comedy. 

Opening up the showcase is a bright and beachy number with lifeguards and pinups, singing popular songs from ‘’Teen Beach Movie”  and ‘’Lilo and Stich.’’ Diving deep into the number, The use of surfboards as a prop during the beginning makes the scene really pop alongside to help visualize the effect of a beach suburb setting. John Carlos Delgado, who portrayed a lifeguard says, ‘’I feel like the beach vibe was something new and the song choice gave off like a real 70s vibe.”


Next up was Pink Thunder with an electrifying 80s rock number, telling the story of a teenage heartbreak. Songs like “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar, “Elastic Heart” by Sia (sung Acapella), and “Bye Bye Love” by the Everly Brothers were featured throughout the number. Lizzy Burke states, “This show really captures how hard we have worked vocally as well as dancing wise this season.’’  


Unlike the Winter Concert piece in December which included dinner and a show, Cypress Choir decided to treat the audience to both a visual show and a visual dinner.The participants are dressed as minions and their back up dancers are bananas. Using the popular minion language and songs, Cypress Choir created a “Despicable Me” number in honor of the previous “Despicable Me” number released in June of 2022. Lizzy Burke, who played a banana, also states that ‘’It was interesting to see how the minions can harmonize so well and overall it is just very fun and entertaining to watch.’’


Closing off the showcase, High Voltage hits shocking notes with their hard hitting rock number. With the storyline of “How Fame Can Change a Person,’’ Megan Na—a High Voltage member—states that Her favorite number was ‘’Dont Back Down” and that they have definitely came a long way since they first learned it. She adds on to say, “This showcase is meant to display our competition sets which includes combinations of our performance abilities and our singing abilities.’’   


Overall, all of the students who were a part of the showcase had many great things to say about how much they feel they’ve grown as a whole throughout their choir season with each other. Pink Thunder member Abigail Garcia, goes onto explain say ‘’I think the showcase captured a good perspective of both our concert and competition work.’’ Garcia adds on, ‘’the intensity of their performance has significantly increased since the holiday set.” Salvador Cervantes from High Voltage feels that “This performance is different than the rest as it is not just a performance but is it a competition performance which gives us more of a purpose.’’