Should Students Work During School?


Working during school can be a challenge for high school students.

by Deborah Son and Carly Pedroza

The most controversial topic, “Should students have a job?” has been debated by teens and parents for years.

While working may be beneficial for some students, it can cause disruptions in their studies. Being in high school means focusing on studies and thinking about money later. One of the disadvantages of working students is that it may become an inconvenience.

Research shows that jobs cause a reduced amount of time to study and participate in extracurriculars. According to www.fairborndigital, “Students who work more than 20 hours a week have lower GPAs than students who don’t.” Not only can working affect students’ studies, but it can also cause overconfidence among students with minimum-wage jobs. 

Even though having a job may potentially teach them how to manage income, it can backfire and cause a possible dropout from school. 

Justin Vo, a sophomore at Cypress High School agrees, “I have a lot of homework in my classes to prioritize, and I don’t think having a job will benefit me.”

Students should remember that you can work any time but not study any time.




Should teenagers start working at a young age? Yes! According to college and career readiness specialist Mrs. Hurtado, ¨It gives them that responsibility from a young age.¨ Working as a teen helps with their social skills, and being independent helps teens determine what they want to do in the future. 

Many teens tend to rush into getting a job because they want to have money to be able to go out with friends. But the benefits that come with getting a job are to help them financially independently, give them learning opportunities and allow them to not have to have as much support financially from their parents. It is recommended to wait until junior or senior year because at that age you have more responsibilities like phone bills and car payments.

If you have gotten hired somewhere or are going in for an interview any time soon and you need a worker’s permit, see Miss Hurtado in our school´s college and career center. If you have any questions about anything further her email is [email protected].