Let’s Go Forehand with Boy’s Tennis!


photo by Lauren Kim

Kyle Hsu. Josh Uhm are the players in boys tennis with Coach Paul.

by Lauren Kim, Staff Writer

As the girl’s tennis season comes to an end, it’s time for the boys to swoop in with their skills for the spring season. Tennis is a fun, thrilling, powerful sport, and here is what Coach Paul, John Uhm, and Kyle Hsu have to say about their experiences in tennis. 

Coach Joseph Paul is the head coach of both girl’s and boy’s tennis teams. Paul started playing tennis in college for fun, but got serious about the sport in 2006. He joined Cypress to be a coach in 2007. He enjoys playing tennis because he says it is a social experience with the other players. “I sometimes go to the park to play with my friends for fun, and I think it’s a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time.” Paul decided to teach tennis because the principal asked him to take over. He said the difference between the girl’s and boy’s tennis team is that the boys rely on their power more than consistency, but the girls try to make contact with the ball, while taking their time. His most memorable moment throughout his tennis career was when the 2016 boys tennis team won the CIF championships. “My team goal for this year is to win the league and just like every other sport, is to win CIF championships.”

 Josh Uhm is the captain of this year’s 2022-2023 boys tennis team. Uhm likes to play tennis because it not only teaches him to be better on the court, but also off the court such as having patience and discipline. Being captain of the boys tennis team, works for Uhm, “ I never thought I’d like being a leader, but I do enjoy it.” In order to play well, Uhm likes to clear his head, and do his best while playing on court. Not only does he play tennis, but he also plays football from time to time. 

JV player, Kyle Hsu, plays tennis, simply because it is a “fun” sport. He likes the adrenaline rush while hitting the balls across the court. Hsu plays doubles on court, but he prefers playing singles because he doesn’t have to rely on someone else, and can focus on his own part. 

As the boys start their new season, challenges, injuries, and hardships may come along the way. But it wont keep them from doing their best.