Girl’s Water Polo Secures First Place In League For The Fourth Year In A Row


photo by @cypresshsaquatics on Instagram

Cypress’s Girls’ Waterpolo team returns yet again to victory.

by Emily Galvan, Staff Writer

This year, Cypress girl’s water polo has an overall record of 15-8, with a home score of 3-1, away 5-6, and neutral of 7-1. Coach Reihle Saldana’s proudest moments as coach of this season was “taking third place in two tough tournaments. The girls played hard and came out victorious against other highly ranked teams.  However, my proudest moment of the season by far was finishing 1st in league for the fourth year in a row. The most challenging thing this past season was competing in Division 3. This is the highest division Cypress Girls Water Polo has seen in several years and competed against other great teams.”

Alexandra Potter, a junior, has been playing for five years. Potter can’t imagine spending her time doing something else, as the sport gives her many opportunities and lets her meet many amazing people. Potter said she’s “improved so much. Getting both mentally and physically stronger. Water polo has served as my outlet to relieve stress and anxiety since I started playing.” 

One of the concerns that comes across one’s mind when opting to join a sport can be time management, so Potter shares her situation when it comes to that. “Managing my time can be really difficult at times since juggling school, ASB, and sports can be a lot to focus on. The greatest time management skill for me has been communicating to my coaches, teachers, and parents what is going on so everyone can be prepared and caught up.”

Potter credited her older brother Garrett for motivating her to play water polo, and after years of watching him play, she finally decided to follow in his footsteps. Potter urges students to join water polo because “It is an amazing sport. Not only the game but also the team cannot compare to anything else. It is genuinely one of the most interesting and challenging sports, yet many people don’t know much about it. The teammates and coaches you get to work with along the way make playing so worth it.”

Potter thinks that this season has been so great so far! “Keeping up our league champion record has been a really amazing accomplishment and getting the chance to practice and play with my amazing teammates every day is so much fun.” Her favorite game of the season so far was the most important league game against Valencia. That game determined whether or not they kept their league championship streak running and she feels as though the whole team came together and played as a whole.