Black History Month and BSU at Cypress High


photo by Juliana Dubois

Black History month is a month that celebrates recognition, joy, and freedom as a whole. (Collage by Juliana Dubois)

by Juliana Dubois, Staff Writer

February is the host of many holidays, the most common being Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day. Many people celebrate by buying candies and roses for that special someone. taking a day off for a vacation, and even traveling. In 1976, America gained yet another holiday for February, that would nationally recognize the African American community. Black History Month is the first ever POC holiday in America. The rise of African American history deserved to be recognized worldwide, celebrating the birth of freedom and rights to the African American community. 

Here at Cypress the Black Student Union (BSU) is just one of the many POC clubs. BSU is a student run-Black empowerment club, focusing on Black culture, and education of Black History. Mahogany Stover is a member of BSU and when asked why she joined the Cypress Black Student Union her response was, ”it was a great way to connect with people who are just like me, and to educate people on our culture and spread awareness and the culture of African American people to the rest of the students at Cypress High School.’’

Lamuir Metoyer, another member, said ‘’BSU does a good job telling people what is left out of history or what’s not in the textbooks, like the Egate Experiment, informing them of cultural appropriation so I think BSU does a great job and gives more info they wouldn’t necessarily read online or that doesn’t get talked about today so BSU does a good job.

A concern in the African American community regarding afro hair, and how they style and wear it. Some students find themselves educating teachers on this topic. London Coulter stated, ‘’Recently it has been about curl patterns and protective hairstyle’’, she explains to her teacher that having braids is a protective hairstyle and that ‘’slaves used to braid food and used to braid their hair in a certain way as a trail pattern to get out the plantation as a slave.’’ 

When asked about Black History month Chinaza Izuakor said, ‘You can kind of see Black History Month all over the media or the outlets, that really helps with getting to be informed, She added. ‘’I think Black history month is really important because many times we face many racial things from many different types of things, and I think Black History Month really Honors the Black people and the Black community and things that they have done, I feel like it’s a really big appreciation month but I feel like it should be longer….‘’ One month is not enough.’’

Black history month is not just a holiday for the African American Community, it is a worldwide Holiday that recognizes Black History and the purpose of having Rights, and celebrating a month of recognition, joy, and freedom as a whole.