Vivienne Westwood Death Means End Of An Era

photo by Collage by Juliana Dubois
Vivienne Westwood was a great designer loved by all.

by Juliana Dubois, Staff Writer


Famous designer and businesswoman Vivienne Westwood most famously known for her Saturn pearl choker, worn on all the necks of Gen-Z teens, passed away on December 29th, 2022. Her legacy for making feminine punk rock clothes, will always be remembered. 


Westwood was born April 8th 1941. Her style was highly influenced by the era. Mini skirts, high ponytails and red lipstick being the blueprint for their time. Westwood’s work is described as a modern funk equipped for all. With that being said, her work has been successful and is still being used for over the past decade, In the 90s Westwood became famous for her diamond Saturn choker. 


The Choker, recently made a comeback in 2022- 2023 fashion. Many teens are styling the choker with formal attire.  Singer/songwriter Dua Lipa was seen at the 2021 Brits award wearing a custom Westwood choker. Bella Hadid was also caught by paparazzi wearing a Westwood corset recently.   


Westwood left a legacy, and will always be remembered for elegant style that will be remember and used throughout fashion for years to come.