Snowy Owl Spotted In Cypress?


This snowy owl has been spotted flying across a roof showcasing its wide wings

by Lauren Kim, Staff Writer

Just a few weeks ago, a snowy white owl came to visit the city of Cypress on Christmas Day. Locals are shocked to see why this owl has come to this quiet city and are curious to find out more about this creature. 


These big birds are commonly found in the Arctic parts of Canada, and live in cold conditions. The snowy owl that came to visit our city appears to be a young female. They are found to be the heaviest owl species among all the others in North America and they need to have a thick coat of feathers in order to stand the cold Arctic climate. Their wingspans are usually about 4-5 feet and hold much power. With this, they can easily sneak up on predators and chase on their prey. The reason why this occurrence is so rare, is because they are mostly found in colder parts of the world, while California is a bit warmer than where they live. 

A teacher here at Cypress, Mrs. Shimogawa, recently witnessed this owl near her home. “I thought it was beautiful. I went with my 7-year-old and we were trying to be quiet so we didn’t stress the owl out.” She said that the snowy owl seemed quite big and looked like it was the size of a hawk, maybe even bigger. Shimogawa sighted this owl sitting by itself on a house roof, and it was her first time seeing an owl. This owl has colors mostly with white and gray and with little hints of darker shades as well. Her theory is that this snowy owl came from a ship from Alaska and she is still very curious. 


But not only did snowy owls visit Cypress, they were also found in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. There is more to discover about where these animals came from and the teachers here at Cypress are just as curious. 


Neighbors, friends, and family come out to check where this owl is headed. This owl appears on almost every local news, social media platforms, and articles. Snowy owl, where are you from?