Cypress Orchestra Club Creates Music and Memories


photo by Grace Kim

Cypress Orchestra club performed with Band at Kennedy Performing Arts Center in 2022.

by Grace Kim, Staff Writer

Cypress Orchestra Club discovers and exhibits students’ love and talent for music at Cypress. Beginning in 2017, former Cypress students created a club for those who want to play in a school orchestra. Practicing and performing fun music arrangements from movies and video games to even Christmas music, Orchestra Club continues to meet up every Thursday morning during teacher meetings in Mr. Quirion’s band room.

Shruti Singh, the vice president of Orchestra Club, explained why Orchestra is a good option for students. “We play music and use instruments that the normal band doesn’t use, like strings. Some students don’t have the time or commitment to do a full band, or don’t want to do all the marching. But if you still want to play music, it’s a good alternative.”

As a great alternative for music lovers, the Orchestra club performs with Cypress Band each year for the Winter and Spring concerts at Kennedy Performing Arts Center. It can be a great learning experience for those who want to create sound with a variety of instruments.

“This club is a collaboration between students and just learning about how to function as a concert-oriented Orchestra group because many students don’t have that, especially at Anaheim Union High School District. We’re here performing and doing things that aren’t like other schools,” said Jordon Vu, the president of Orchestra Club. 

Hannie Lee, a sophomore member of the Orchestra Club, loves the inclusiveness of the club. “Out of all the clubs I’ve joined, it’s the only club where I feel inclusive as if I’m in a community because we all have common interests. It’s a very good experience to have fun together and make music at the same time. If you enjoy playing music, and even if you don’t, I would recommend joining just for the community.”

Orchestra Club is looking forward to seeing more students join and build bonds by playing music together. The QR code for sign-up will be displayed on the screen to scan during CTV announcements.