Crowded Airports Make Navigating Holiday Season Harder

The Los Angeles International Airport is currently packed for the holiday season. pc:

by Deborah Son, Student Activities Editor

The month of December is the busiest month of the year when everyone goes out to travel.

The majority of people go on vacation or meet family members over the holidays. According to, the airport is most crowded on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. According to the TSA, “For every 100 people who flew on Thanksgiving Day 2021, 177 people were flying out on Sunday after.” Especially after the pandemic, there has been an increase in people traveling. 

For a better traveling experience, downloading your airline’s app to check in is a great way to skip the chaotic line. Getting there about two hours earlier than the flight is recommended, just in case anything happens. Some cards like Explorer and Americans Citi AAdvantage Platinum include free checked bags and priority boarding. Before boarding, double-checking the flight is important as well as having luggage organized and ready to go. 

Being prepared before a luggage check saves a lot of time, because it prevents getting held back in the line because of a forbidden item. One of the most common mistakes is that people bring water in their bags, which gets caught in the x-ray. Therefore, people should remember that only liquids under three ounces are allowed and flammable objects and weapons are not. Because airlines are packed with passengers, sanitizing is crucial to prevent sickness or accidents. 

Safe Travels!