New Lunch Rules Point Out Needed Safety


photo by Carly Pedroza

Campus Security Carlos Garcia has to enforce the new rules at lunch time.

by Carly Pedroza, Staff Writer

Cypress High School has enacted some new rules as students return for the 2022-2023 school year. Eating is no longer permitted in the locker areas during lunch for safety reasons, and to prevent abundant litter.


Students are still adjusting to the new rule. One student said ¨ I can’t entirely agree with this rule. I personally think it isn’t necessary. Many students who sit over there don’t mean any harm, wanting the opportunity if it becomes too crowded elsewhere.”


The security here at Cypress has a totally different view of what this rule means. Carlos Garcia, a well-known security guard here on campus, agrees with this rule: ¨They always make a mess out there…it’s to keep our campus clean and safe.¨ Although this rule is in place now, if students are responsible and keep the lunch area clean, hopefully the rule can be changed back. 


This was a big adjustment for some students, because they had to find a new place to eat in a school with nearly 3,000 other students. Cypress has a limited amount of seating as it is, so trying to shove all these people into one place can be challenging. Still, although it might be difficult and uncomfortable for students, it does positively effect students safety.