Welcome Mrs. Brown, Our New Principal


photo by Jennifer Brown

Mrs. Brown is serving her first year as Cypress High principal, and is already working on improvements for our school.

by Anelina Alegre, Editor-in-Chief

In August 2022, Cypress High welcomed its new principal, Jennifer Brown. The students of Cypress are warming up to a new administration as well as new systems and rules that have been introduced. 

Her first impression of Cypress was how beautiful the campus is; her son graduated from here, but since then there have been many structural changes to our campus. As the principal, Brown finds joy in hearing the success of Cypress’s students and staff. “At principals meetings, I always have something good to share,” she says. “I get to brag about this school, and I love letting others know how great cypress is.” She loves how welcoming the students here are, and believes that Cypress is already a really great school.

Previously, Brown was the principal at Walker Junior High for four years. One of the prominent differences between working for a junior high and a high school is the bigger population of students. “There’s a lot more to worry about,” Brown says. “Graduation requirements, A-G requirements, college apps; I share that pressure with the students because I want to support them.” Brown also enjoys how high school students are more open and welcoming to staff than junior high students. She encourages conversations with students and is always happy to know what they’re thinking. 

As for the changes that have been implemented since the start of the school year, Brown’s ultimate goal for these modifications is to make Cypress more secure and safe for students. “I didn’t want to make any changes in my first year, but there were definitely safety concerns,” Brown says. During the summer, multiple strangers and homeless people would wander onto campus and even harass students during practice, which is why the back gate now remains locked. It upset a lot of people, but it’s something that needed to be done to keep the wrong people off campus, and most importantly prevent harm to students. “I can’t just do nothing. I have to try and prevent that,” Brown says. 

The new electronic hall pass system, known as the 5 Star System, was also implemented because of safety. Brown is concerned about the number of problems that went on in the bathroom last year: students doing drugs, going missing, and some even getting assaulted in a school bathroom. Monitoring students who leave class has lessened those dangers. It’s a safety precaution to keep track of students so that every student is accounted for in the case of an emergency.

Each new change has its reasoning behind it, and it all boils down to what’s best for the safety and success of students. Brown wishes that the “why” of these new systems was emphasized as much as the changes so that students understand why they were put in place. She is aware that people aren’t happy with the new rules and systems in place, and she needs to grow “thick skin,” because it’s hard hearing the not-nice things people say about her.

Brown has come a long way in her educational journey, attending multiple colleges while supporting her family. After high school, she attended Cypress Community College and got her AA degree, then transferred to Cal State Dominguez Hills as a political science major. After marrying her husband, she switched to National University to continue an online education while being a stay-at-home mom. There, she earned three degrees: a bachelor’s in global studies, a master’s in cross-cultural teaching, and a master’s in reading as a reading specialist. Brown then attended Concordia University for her third master’s in educational administration and is currently finishing her doctorate there. It was very difficult balancing school, work, and her family. 

Despite having had multiple principal positions, Brown has a real love for teaching.  “All I’ve ever wanted to do since I was a little was be a teacher,” she shares. “I miss the classroom so much.” Brown loves watching students grow and learn, and also loves debate because it opens conversations about challenging sides. “It’s a good thing to be able to have healthy discourse.”  Brown loves watching students learn, especially when a student’s brain is working and she can see that “Aha” moment when they understand something. 

Ultimately, Brown wants only the best for Cypress High and is dedicated to whatever can improve it. She believes that Cypress is already a wonderful school, but wants to rise above and do a little bit more. “I want to transcend expectations. Let’s be awesome,” she says. “That is my goal, to find all the little ways we can be better.” She strongly believes that being a good leader means building other leaders, and aims to do what she can to help the students grow as leaders themselves. “I want people to get to know me and know my heart, and I hope they see that my heart is 100% into this school.”