Graphic Communication’s Newly Made Stickers Are Now On Sale!


The Graphics Communication class made their own sticker designs.

by Adam Hawari, Staff

Mrs. Chang assigned her class to make CHS stickers, which include a redesign of the school mascot.

The AP Graphic Communication class, led by Mrs. Sunny Chang, has created some new stickers and posters. 

The stickers come in two forms: custom made or a premade redesign of Cypress High School’s mascot and logo. In addition, the class created posters that portray the message “Pop out the Pods,” (a reference to usage of air pods in class) which can be found all over campus today. 

Stickers made by the Graphic’s Communication class have already been sold on campus.


There were a total of 270 stickers made, and they recently went on sale. The custom made stickers, posters, and premade stickers prices vary. For custom made stickers, the price generally goes to five dollars, posters go for a dollar, and premade sticks are two for one dollar.

Sales first began in February, and posters were the first products to be sold. At first, poster sales were low, but popularity skyrocketed and, ultimately, more posters were sold than stickers. People went class to class to sell posters, which is why poster sales skyrocketed.

The posters that are on sale for a dollar, have the written saying “Pop Out the Pods,” on them and are hung throughout classes in the school.

Although the sales were mostly from the posters, the stickers are all incredibly well made, and deserve more recognition than what was originally perceived. After all the sales, Mrs. Chang says that the “The money would go to more sticker sheets, vinyl stickers for mugs, and later products.” But, because of the things needed to make stickers, the profit gain is unfairly low.

Several students worked together to design the products, including Alison Kim and Rae Walker.  They said that redesigning the mascot and logo into something different was difficult, but the final outcome of the stickers were said to be satisfying.