New Classes for the New School Year


photo by Anna Nguyen

The upcoming school year will offer a variety of new courses for Centurions to take.

by Anna Nguyen, Staff Reporter

The 2022-2023 school year will offer a number of new classes for Centurions to add to their schedules, including courses to fulfill the new ethnic studies requirement to graduate. There will be seven new courses offered for students of all grade levels to take.

California just became the first state to require high school students to complete at least one semester of ethnic studies in order to earn their high school diplomas. Although the mandate will not go into full effect until a few years down the road, many school districts, including Anaheim Union High School District, have already started to add Ethnic Studies courses to their schools. Cypress now has Racial & Social Justice of Ethnic Studies for Juniors and Seniors as part of their English 3 and English 4 classes.

Another class that will fulfill the Ethnic Studies, as well as the World Language requirement is Spanish 3 for Spanish Speakers/Chicanx Culture & Identity. This course is open to students of all grade levels, however, this class is designed for native speakers. There will be an entrance test to determine placement in the course. 

Making a comeback, AP Art History will be available for students grades 10-12 again. It has been a few years since this course has been a part of our school curriculum due to lack of interest, but finally, the class is back again. 

Additionally, Data Science will be offered to both Juniors and Seniors starting next school year. Financial Literacy/Financial Algebra will be available to just Seniors. Both of these classes require successful completion of Integrated Math 2 prior. Those who have already completed Business & Marketing, can continue the pathway and take Youth Entrepreneurs. This class is only open to grades 10-12 and is a capstone course. Freshmen have a new class available to them as well, which is 3D animation, this class is actually offered to Centurions of all grade levels.

With the new school year coming up, new and returning students all have a chance at taking a brand new class offered at Cypress.