2022-2023 ASB Elections


photo by Deborah Son

David Chun is the next 2022-2023 ASB Senior Class President for Cypress High School.

by Deborah Son, Staff

The 2022-2023 ASB elections took place on Friday, March 4th, 2022. The voting took place in the Sophomore and Junior history classes and Freshman English classes. During that time, the students were able to vote for their next ASB officers online. Students were able to vote using a QR code that connected them to their specific class ballot. In each grade, one of the two candidates would be selected to become ASB president and class president for the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years.

Natalie Stark, a junior at Cypress High School was selected as ASB president. She wanted to run for ASB president because she could try to get more students, as the underclassmen, to be more involved in school activities. Some qualities that Natalie describes herself are that she is open and a gentle person. In the beginning, she filled out an application and planned the center for the campaign. Some of the slogans she used to make her name stand out were, “Make your mark Nat Stark” and “Bark Bark vote Nat Stark.” Also, she shared stickers that had “I heart Nat Stark” on them with everyone. Natalie’s expectation for next year is to focus on the arts and campus culture to bring spirit back into Cypress High School. “I’m hoping for an awesome year!” she said.

Aimee Bunsirisert is the next 2022-2023 ASB sophomore president. (photo by Deborah Son)

Aimee Bunsirisert was selected to be the next ASB sophomore class president. In the beginning, she was taken in for an interview about why she wanted to be ASB sophomore class president. Then, she had a speech and materials approved for her campaign. She created posters and stickers with slogans on them. For example, she used the first four letters of her last name “Buns” and put in a picture of a chef and bread. Aimee’s plan for next year is to raise the spirit and improve the fundraising system. “I know that there’s going to be more pressure and expectations for me as class president but I think it will be a fun experience,” she said. 

Alie Potter was chosen as the next ASB junior class president. She is currently sophomore class president and learned from her experiences this year. “I have grown a lot of leadership skills and wanted to take a bigger role in ASB.” For her campaign, she made posters that said “Make a change, vote Alie Potter” and buttons to share. Next year, she is looking forward to planning events such as prom and wants to let the student body share feedback, not just ASB, because everyone has different ideas. She thinks that being mentally prepared was a big part of executing the position. 

David Chun is the next ASB senior class president. The procedure that he took was to get interviewed about what he could do as class president. For David’s campaign, he centered it around his face for the posters so that people would remember him better. Next year, he is planning to hold meetings and let seniors input their voices for the events. “I’ve taken a long break from being in ASB for 7th and 8th grade, but I’m looking forward to learning more about it along the way.”


With Cypress High School’s chosen 2022-2023 ASB officers, students are sure to have a good year in 2023.