Medieval Times


photo by Nathan Nam

Students cheer on our school’s knight during the thrilling show at Medieval Times.

by Jake Harris, Staff Writer

On March 7, Cypress High School seniors had an entertaining time at Medieval Times, making it one of the most joyous senior events yet!  When the seniors arrived at Medieval Times, students were assigned a table number and were directed in the stands to sit there with their friends. Waiters then came out walking to each group asking what they would like to eat and drink. The show eventually started, with an intro from the main speaker describing what the show is about. This was followed by the speaker reading off the names of all the schools. The ensuing scream off where students showed off their school pride by shouting their school name, was won by Cypress of course. The show then commenced and throughout the show students were served food. The food was realistic to the time period and students did not have utensils to eat the roasted chicken with corn and potatoes, with an appetizer of garlic bread and tomato bisque and a dessert of ice cream. The jousting and all the physical “fighting” between the different teams of knights happened at the end of the show. The knight that won the fight was the green knight. Senior Isabella Viveros stated that “Medieval times was one of the best senior events I went to this year! I had a great time with my friends cheering for our knight, the black and white one.” Another senior Esther Jang said, “I had not been to Medieval Times since I was a kid, but it was a lot of fun to go with my friends and root for our knight!”