Review of Biden’s First Year


photo by The White House

Biden’s first year has been bittersweet.

by Ye Ji Jong, Editor-In-Chief

Biden’s first year has been rocky, to say the least. While he was the better option than the alternative, his presidency was filled with highs and lows. 

The Highs: 

A $1.9 trillion COVID-19-relief package that helped families in many states and cities after the hard hitting pandemic. Millions of people lost their jobs and homes, thus the COVID relief packet was a breakthrough for the Biden administration.

Biden’s team also successfully distributed COVID-19 vaccines to Americans. Approximately 200 million people were fully vaccinated thanks to Biden. Compared to the Trump administration who spread false information and refused to take necessary action, Biden definitely alleviated the COVID crisis. 

Biden also won bi-partisan support for the $1 trillion infrastructure law to make competent progress on issues regarding poverty and working class Americans that both parties were struggling to combat. This was a breakthrough for the Biden administration and a symbol that they could work through political polarization to put the country’s best interest at heart. 


The Lows: 

The poor and chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan that caused the country to crumble to Taliban control. This was not only irresponsible, but deeply troubling and concerning for women’s rights, quality of life for everyday Afghan citizens, and the fight for democracy. U.S. troops’ lives were lost for nothing while the U.S. took zero responsibility for their role in Afghanistan’s crisis.

Biden failed to win Senate approval for his $1.75 trillion Build Back Better economic plan. Not only was this a huge loss for his approval ratings, but also hurt millions of Americans. Biden’s lack of control and negotiative ability was clearly shown through this huge loss. 


Although Biden was successful with Covid relief and rolling back Trump’s harmful and divisive policies, he disappointed many Americans with his lack of competency winning Senate and ignorant and hasty decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.  

Most importantly, it’s too early to fully judge Biden’s policies. 

The Brookings Institute sums it up best, “Because regulatory policy takes time, years two and beyond will establish how much of Biden’s own agenda gets implemented, and how much of it can last.”

Hopefully, Biden’s next three years will be filled with more successes.