Boys & Girls Wrestling Teams Are Ready to Rumble!


photo by CTV sports

The boys wrestling team goes against marina high boys wrestling team.

by Anish Ashokkumar, Staff Reporter

The boys and girls wrestling teams have been changing over the years but one thing that has not changed is Mr.Lundberg ,who has been coaching wrestling for 30 years.  

Mr. Lundberg enjoys teaching wrestling and says that it improves the sport and also your life. The hardest thing about coaching wrestling is knowing each wrestler’s best move and improving on their technique, so they can become a better wrestler. Ever since Covid, wrestling has been affected in a big way. The team last year had fewer people and they were not as technically trained as the previous players. This year their goal is to at least place in the top five in CIF. 

What the boys and girls wrestling teams need is to improve on getting people healthy and down to weight so they can play well. The boys varsity team meets every day after school for practices. This week the boys had a game at Western and the boys and girls team had a game against Marina. The girls team lost against Marina by 18-57. The boys team won against Marina by 42-33. 

Daisy Ruiz, says the reason that she joined wrestling is because she wants to be involved in sports during high school, stay in shape, and gain more muscle. So far she has won 21/32 matches. She wants to work on pinning her opponents in a more efficient manner. By the end of the season, her goal is to place first at varsity level competition and beat her record by pinning someone under 20 seconds. The most difficult aspect of wrestling for her is when you are exhausted during a match or practice; you must not give up. Another hard thing about wrestling is cutting weight, because you have to limit the number of calories you consume and work out excessively. 

Another wrestler, Tyler Thienngern, says that he joined wrestling because he had been in martial arts since he was little and wrestling was the closest connection he could make in high school. He needs to improve on getting back onto his feet and setting up more take downs so he can get more points for his team. The hardest part about wrestling is how physically demanding it is. From cardio to strength, you have to be mindful about your body and how it can affect your performance.