Thankful Thoughts from Contented Centurions


photo by Sophia Aguayo

Centurion Sophia Aguayo (far right) celebrates Thanksgiving 2020 with her family.

by Anelina Alegre, Staff Reporter

Students at Cypress High are anticipating this year’s Thanksgiving now that quarantine is over. With in-person school back in business, we have so much more to be grateful for this year. Whether it’s traveling to see relatives or sharing a meal with family and friends, Thanksgiving is definitely a warm time of year despite the cold weather. 

There is an abundance to be thankful for this year, and students share their gratitude for the things they cherish most: good health, family that is still alive, reuniting with and making new friends. Cypress Freshman Agam Grewal shares his appreciation for the AUHSD staff: “They helped us get out of quarantine and into school again, and they make sure everyone is safe and provided with good education.” 

Other students recognize important people in their life, like close friends, family, or significant others. Junior Kyla Cortez expresses how much her little sister means to her, describing her as Cortez’s inspiration to do great things. “She makes me a better version of myself. I want her to be proud of having me as an older sister,” Cortez writes. Sophomore Sophia Aguayo discloses how thankful they are for their best friend Chyan, who she met over online school. “She’s definitely changed me for the better, and words can’t even begin to describe how much she means to me,” she expresses.

Alongside traditional Thanksgiving dishes, students share the unique cultural foods their families make at Thanksgiving. Cypress is home to a variety of diverse families who celebrate this American holiday with their own family traditions and foods. Students share what ethnic foods they have in common: Mexican food like tamales, pozole, champurrado; Indian dishes like biryani, pav bhaji, tandoori chicken, chole; Filipino dishes such as lumpia, pancit, adobo. 

In a recent Thanksgiving survey, students voted for their favorite classic Thanksgiving dish; mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese are currently tied for most liked, with turkey following second. Sophomore London Coulter shares that she really enjoys eating succotash during the holiday, which is a dish of mixed vegetables. “It’s so flavorful I could just eat the whole pot!” Coulter writes. The most popular Thanksgiving tradition is playing family games, like board games or cards. Junior Gabby Tan shares a unique Thanksgiving experience with their family: “Me and my cousins chase a random cousin down the street, and if they survive 5 minutes they get a turkey leg,” Tan recollects.

Though we all celebrate it in different ways, this Thanksgiving 2021 is the best time of year to show your gratitude to someone you’re thankful for.