Former Cypress Student Returns


photo by Adam Hawari

Mr. Wilk showing his school spirit on jersey day.

by Adam Hawari, Staff Reporter

Mr. Adam Wilk, the new chemistry and physics teacher, may look familiar to some. He is back at Cypress High School after graduating from Cypress years ago. In addition to teaching multiple science classes, he is also a baseball coach and cross country coach.

 According to Wilk, the best part about finally being back on campus is the daily interaction he gets from students.  His experiences at Cypress, back then as a student compared to now as a teacher, are very different. He said that there are now “more students” and it’s “more diverse.”

As a kid, Wilk always dreamed of being an athlete, and worked until he became one after high school. His ten years in professional baseball got him to play for numerous MLB teams like the Tigers, Angels, Mets and Twins, amongst other teams, as well as the NC Dinos of the Korean Baseball Organization. 

 Wilk formerly studied at Long Beach State before being drafted by the Detroit Tigers. After finishing his career he received his teaching credential and Master’s Degree in Critical Thinking from National University.

He became a teacher because he enjoys working with students and it allows him to coach student-athletes into being the best version of themselves.