Students Eager To Get Back To School!


photo by Ms. Takacs

A Centurion Spotlight survey of students showed that everyone is happy to be with their friends in person again!

by Deborah Son, Staff Reporter

Cypress High School, was filled with excitement, risk, and big changes since the  COVID-19 pandemic danger decreased and students returned. To know more about the students’ opinions of online school versus in person, Centurion Spotlight decided to create an anonymous online survey. The survey consisted of whether they preferred online school or in person school, their reasoning, and how their grades were affected due to this sudden change.

The survey concluded that more students preferred in person school over online school, the most popular reason being that 48% had a better mentality, 90% were able to see their friends, 77% were able to socialize with their classmates, and 46% were able to procrastinate less. On the other hand, students liked to have school online because 74% were in a comfortable environment, 67% had better grades, 64% were able to wear their pajamas, and 41% did not have to drive to school every morning. 

Francine Lois Gascon, a freshman student at Cypress High School said, “I like going to school in person because I can connect with people more and I can take a break from screens.” The campus security aide, Carlos Garcia, was here last year even through the pandemic. However, he said that he liked seeing the students in school because it was “empty” before the students came and flooded the hallways. 

As students continue to be in person at school, they will need to adjust to more changes after having online school for a year.