Cypress Needs to be Held Accountable


Some Centurions are being unsafe. Photo Credit: @studentsect on IG

by Ye Ji Jong, Editor-In-Chief

Throughout America, over half the states are lifting mask mandates and putting millions of Americans’ lives in danger. These short-sighted actions are harmful and more likely than not, going to exacerbate the public health crisis. 

CNet News writes, “On Monday, five states — California, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey and Oregon — announced that they would be ending mask mandates for indoor public spaces, schools or both. Throughout the week, governors in five more states — New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada and Rhode Island — followed suit, declaring the end of required masks immediately or in the near future.”
Despite the CDC’s advice on continuing to implement mask mandates, states are still choosing the unsafe alternative and catering to anti-maskers. Most importantly, lifting mask mandates is a disaster waiting to happen and increasing the possibility of more mutations and spikes in Covid cases. 

“It is not safe at this time for schools to rescind mask mandates [because] even though we do have decent levels of vaccination in the older age groups, as populations get younger, the proportion who are vaccinated gets lower,” Dr. Mercedes Carnethon, Vice Chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine and a professor of epidemiology and pulmonary and critical care at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, told ABC News.

We would expect that during these unprecedented times of a global pandemic, Cypress students, especially ASB, would set an example of how to stay Covid safe. In reality, Centurions often go mask-less and put other students at risk. 

At school events, masks are encouraged by district policies but hardly followed. A few students, including ASB members, have masks under their noses or just disregard the rules altogether. They continue to choose the unsafe alternative and put other students, staff, and administration at risk despite the influx of science and data pointing towards the benefits of wearing masks. This sets a dangerous precedent since those who are supposed to enforce mask safety, are covertly encouraging the worst choice by setting a mask-less example. Games, senior events, rallies, and even walking around school all pose a risk and potential of another outbreak. So, for ASB officers to go around mask-less is extremely disappointing and dangerous. 

A recent issue was at the basketball game against Tustin on January 27, 2022. @Studentsectrep on Instagram posted photos and videos of the student section and the proof was right in front of our eyes. The majority of the crowd were not wearing masks. This was disappointing, but definitely not surprising. 

Although administration claims on announcements and assemblies that there are consequences to not wearing a mask, students still get a lot of leeway and often go unpunished. 

Cypress ASB must take more accountability with their carefree attitude towards Covid. Masks save lives. For them to disregard mask mandates and continue to take actions that have scientifically proven to worsen the pandemic is tone-deaf and ignorant.

But most importantly the bigger issue at hand is that more and more Americans are disregarding the severity of Covid and the importance of mask mandates. It’s very disheartening to see Cypress students themselves becoming part of the anti-mask statistic. Accountability must be held.